The local blogosphere…

… stretching credulity to its limits…

Example 1: ‘Nobody’ draws parallels between the staff of former MP Helena Guergis writing letters to the editor effusively praising their boss, and Dick Hill penning a missive disapproving of local bloggers and their criticism of the current council, all because Dick donated $200 to Councillor Ian Chadwick’s campaign.

Now, I realize it’s all the rage to join the Chadwick pile-on these days, especially when he writes passive-aggressive nonsense, but even I can’t stoop to such an absence of critical thought.

I mean… the two aren’t even analogous. In the one case, an employee of the Member of Parliament, using a name that wouldn’t generally be recognized by local editorial departments, pens letters that — even if she didn’t realize it — are in her financial best interest; as long as the MP has a job, she has a job.

Dick Hill, on the other hand, has nothing to lose or gain. He donated to a political campaign, and continues to support that individual’s political decision-making; I know people who donated to a former mayor’s political campaign, and today regret writing the cheque (actually, the regret came within the first year of the mayor’s term).

Example 2: Steve Berman continues to peel back the onion layers, searching for conspiracies where none exist. This time, he draws connections between Peter Dunbar and Compenso Communications’ Paul Bonwick, and Dunbar’s recent return to town hall to fill the role of interim director of parks, recreation and culture.

It seems the only reason Peter is working for the town is because he’s an associate of Bonwick.

Hmmm… it has nothing to do with the fact that Dunner toiled away for the Town of Collingwood for nearly three decades in that post, that he’s familiar with the staff and the issues.

Come to think of it, Peter’s ‘alleged’ experience with the municipality is just an elaborate hoax dreamed up by Town Hall, with the collaboration of the local media. It never happened. In fact, ‘Peter’ may not actually exist, but is an amalgam of several shadowy individuals working in a smoke-filled conference room, deep below the municipal offices.

If I relied on hearsay and info from individuals who likely had ulterior motives, I’d likely be employed for all of five minutes…

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