When the disenchanted vote…

… at least, that was my mom’s suggestion for a headline, when I did a little data mining first thing this morning after Elections Ontario released some more numbers from last Thursday’s election.

I was looking for voter turnout, when I cast my eye at the number of refused ballots, and thought 496 for Simcoe-Grey was a little on the high side… it was, many times over. In 2011, only 14 people refused their ballot in the riding. I looked at the provincial number, and saw the same trend right across Ontario.

I did up a quick Excel spreadsheet, and sent a note up the editorial chain, where Canoe picked it up from there and put together a nifty little interactive map based on my spreadsheet.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a chance to expand on the idea (today was, uh, nutty). As can be seen from the map, the highest number of declined ballots, both in numbers and percentage, was Elgin-Middlesex-London, where 842 people declined their ballot – or about 1.8% of eligible voters. In fact, I discovered southwestern Ontario had the greatest concentration of voters who handed their ballot back.

Northerners, on the other hand, take their voting seriously, as voters in Sudbury and Thunder Bay would rather mark an X than say no, thanks, take it back.

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